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Volker Zander and Christian Jendreiko @ A-Musik Plattenladen, March 5, 2009

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A-Musik invited us to play there monthly open shop nights next thursday. We will play extended apparent extent and music we like.

----------------------------------------------------------------------DJ SET: VOLKER ZANDER + CHRISTIAN JENDREIKO----------------------------------------------------------------------Thursday 5 March, 2009A-Musik Record ShopKleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30, 50676 KölnStarts at 7:00 PM,Ends at 11:00 PM---------------------------------------------------------------------

apparent extent has enjoyed the privilege of working with Cologne-based label, mailorder service, and distributor A-Musik since 2008. Since the mid 90s, A-Musik has been associated with a strong belief in the power of the sonic sublime. They are also closely associated with other ground-breaking Cologne record labels such as sonig, supposé and Entenpfuhl, with whom they share the address at Kleiner Griechenmarkt.

We are very happy to be invited to DJ at A-Musik's monthly costume-friendly Thursday nights. Volker Zander has promised to play apparent extent music along with seldom-heard remixes, outtakes, and works-in-progress soon to be released.

Volker Zander will be joined by Duesseldorf’s Christian Jendreiko. Jendreiko is an artist, composer, and musician who recently opened an introspective show at the Kunstverein Nürnberg / Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft curated by Kathleen Rahn. The Kunstverein Düsseldorf has also recently published "Heterologics", a book focusing on Jendreiko's musical installations, compositions, and performances. A series of concerts exploring Jendreikos music will be held in Nürnberg throughout March and April. More information can be found at www.kunstvereinnuernberg.de.

Jendreiko’s musical arrangements are text-based manuscripts, handed out to a group of players. The manuscripts call for self- and group-awareness during the performance. This results in improvised contemplative soundscapes in which moments of silence are followed by passages of harmonic cluster that build up like clouds and pass by as swarmlike impressions.

apparent extent and Christian Jendreiko are currently working together on an LP that will document some of his musical artworks and live recordings.