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About Apparent Extent

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By: Volker Zander

Apparent Extent is a record label based in Cologne, Germany.

AE001 Festland "An euren Fenstern wachsen Blumen" – LP
AE002 Thomas Belhom "Cheval Oblique" – CD, LP, DL
AE003 James Merle Thomas "For the Landlocked Listener" – CD-R, DL
AE004 Johanna Billing "Original Filmsoundtracks" – 12" EP, DL
AE005 The Paper Hats "Deseret Canyon" – LP, DL
AE006 Johanna Billing "This is How We Walk on the Moon" – 12" EP, DL
AE007 Christian Jendreiko "Aktionen/Actions" – 2CD
AE008 Johanna Billing "I'm Lost Without Your Rhythm" – LP, DL
AE009 Karl Holmqvist "Hymn to Pan" - LP
AE010 Jacob Dahl Jürgensen & Simon Dybbroe Møller "Flotsam and Jetsam" – LP
AE011 Angela Fette & Christian Jendreiko "Die Hochzeit des Parameter" – LP
AE012 Rosilene Luduvico & Hauschka "Unbestimmt" – LP
AE013 Tolouse Low Trax "Corridor Plateau" – LP
AE014 Sascha Hahn "Essay" – LP
AE015 Emily Wardill "Fulll Firearms" – LP
AE016 Schwerte Box – 3LP + artist editions + catalogue
AE017 Weisser Westen "Weisser Westen" – 2LP+CD
AE018 Johanna Billing "I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Until I Die" – LP

Distribution by A-Musik.

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Apparent Extent
"No villa should see any other, but each should appear to possess the whole of the park." from Joost Meuwissen "Zur Architektur des Wohnens", Karlsruhe, 1995.